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Every family has its blacksheep. Wilhelm von Feld just happens to be the one for the von Feld family. In a family that produces Paladins, Clerics and good salt of the earth farmers one doesn't even have to be evil or even particularly rotten to be considered an oddball and whispered about at family gatherings and events by your relatives. Wilhelm's penchant for more intellectual pursuits was clear from an early point, while his brothers and cousin were hoeing and haying away in the fields, Wilhelm was more interested in reading books of dirty limericks and tale of powerful wizards of old. Wilhelm was also discovered to be an extraordinary klutz and some times he was considered to be a walking avatar of St. Murphy's Law. As helpful as Wilhelm would try to be his good intentions would invariably go astray and end in disaster. After one incident involves the Mayor's daughter a traveling peddler and a herd pigmey goats, he family decided the best place for Wilhelm was far far far away from the rest of them. So they shipped him off to the closest university of magic, where hopefully he would be distant enough to stop causing damage to the crops and livestocks with his “good ideas and intentions”.

Wilhelm discovered at two things at the university, one, that he was actually very good at magic and two, that he was no less of a screw up just because he was at university. Wilhelm's collegiate career was cut tragically short due to being expelled. Apparently, accidentally contaminating the dinner being served at the alumni fund raiser dinner with a magic elixir that turns the imbiber purple with yellow polka dots is a good way to fast track a expulsion from a school. Broke and alone far away from home, Wilhelm naively joined up with a group of adventurers, who were on a good day one step above brigands, thieves and tomb robbers, and on a bad day, well its best not to talk about their bad days.

Eventually, Wilhelm realized these weren't the type of people his mother would approved on him associating with and in fact he was rather homesick and it was time to return to the family homestead. So in order to avoid the tear filled goodbyes that he knew his new companions would bestow upon, Wilhelm decided it would be best for all involved if he left late late one night with what he felt was he rightful share of the loot and return to the family homestead.

Upon his return to the Dormantown area, he found that quite a few things had changed and the von Feld clan was in fact missing. Wilhelm decided he was just the wizard to rectify such a unfortunate so he set out to track them down, following the only lead he had, and so Wilhelm headed off to find his cousin Fagan.

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